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9 August 2021,     TORONTO
Collective negotiation needed for digital legislation: NMC
News Media Canada, which represents hundreds of print and digital titles that employ 3,000 journalists across the country, has issued a statement about the Government of Canada’s release of its What We Heard report on the consultations for new legislation on digital platforms.

“The Government recognizes the need for revenue sharing; understands that there is a negotiating imbalance between digital platforms and news outlets; and acknowledges the need for tools that allow press publishers to negotiate commercial deals on a level playing field,” said Paul Deegan, president and CEO of News Media Canada. “This approach has worked in a similar country to Canada – Australia – and it can work here too.”
        Deegan stressed, “We will be inviting qualified Canadian journalism organizations – of all sizes – to join us in collective negotiation; together, we are stronger.”
          Earlier this year Heritage Canada sent out a questionnaire to publishers, broadcasters, digital platforms, academics, unions, journalist associations and organizations representing the interests of racialized communities, official-language minority communities, remote communities, and persons with disabilities.
         The ensuing report, What we Heard, highlights ideas and perspectives raised in responses to the questionnaire.

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