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8 August 2021,     OTTAWA
Ottawa Life files statement of defense in Sloly suit
 The Ottawa Citizen reports that Ottawa Life magazine has filed a statement of defence in the lawsuit brought by Ottawa's Chief of Police Peter Sloly. Ottawa Life is standing by its story in its March edition and will file a motion to dismiss Sloly’s suit as an attempt to muzzle free speech.


The magazine says it will file a motion to dismiss the suit as a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).

            Ottawa Life will argue that its statements were true, and commentary grounded in fact, according to the magazine’s statement of defence, filed last month.


            Sloly filed a personal $150,000 defamation lawsuit in early June after Ottawa Life Magazine published “Rapes and Lies – the Cancerous Misconduct at the Ottawa Police Service” in its March 10 edition.

            The magazine report said the handling of misogyny within the force has been a disaster since Sloly was appointed chief.

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