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10 November 2021,     WASHINGTON
Why do readers cancel subs?
 In a bid to find out what drives news subscription cancellations, Neiman Lab polled its readers and asked them the question. More than 500 answered. The authors of the study acknowledge Neimans Lab’s readers are a “weird (great!, but weird) bunch” who are more into news than average citizens and more likely to pay for it.

Among media brands, local newspapers took the brunt of the hit with 142 cancellations, followed by The New York Times at 119, Washington Post at 61, Wall Street Journal at 38, and New Yorker at 23.

As for reasons, almost one third of respondent cited money for cancellations, followed b ideology or politics by another 30%, many citing opinion editor James Bennett’s decision to run an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton calling on the military to quash Black Lives Matter protesters.

 Other reasons included information overload, customer service issues.

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