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10 June 2022,     CORNWALL, ENGLAND
Vogue pub rebuffs request for name change
Mark Graham with apology letter from Vogue
Mark Graham with apology letter from Vogue
The CBC reports the Vogue, the magazine, has apologized to Vogue, a pub in Cornwall, England, for asking the drinking establishment to stop using the name of risk remedial action. "From one Vogue to another — please accept our apologies," reads the handwritten note from the Conde Nast team to the Star Inn at Vogue.


            The Star Inn at Vogue is in the Cornwall county village of Vogue, about 400 kilometres southwest of London. Mark Graham heard from the publishing giant he after incorporated his company. Conde Nast asked the Star Inn to stop using the name. Graham refused, because, as he put it “That’s our name and that’s where we are.”  Also, the village of Vogue long predates the fashion magazine.

            Conde Nast dropped the request after a local news outlet picked up the story and it gained international attention. Graham said he received a signed and framed apology letter, which he now proudly displays on the bar at the Star Inn.


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