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23 August 2023,     TORONTO
Macleans looks at climate impact costs
 Maclean’s September issue is aiming to raise awareness about climate change with a cover feature titled “Canada in the Year 2060.

            Written by the Vancouver-based science journalist Anne Shibata Casselman, the piece looks at the impacts of climate change, from floods and fires to dying forests and retreating coasts to economic turmoil and threats to infant and mental health. It’s based on six months of research into peer-reviewed studies and dozens of conversations with experts in climate science, political science, history, health, and economics. The highlights include:

• Canada’s landscape will be irrevocably transformed: Heat will blanket the country, winter will melt away and hotter, harder to contain fires will burn indefinitely.

• Societal and economic impacts will be huge. Thousands of people will be displaced from their homes and political extremism will rise. Costs will total $100 million per year.

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