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6 December 2016,    

How can the Publishing Industry get their Mojo back- Highlights from Magazine Day

The annual Magazine day produced by the Ad Club of Toronto was held on Friday December 2 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto.  Jane Francisco, Editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping was the guest speaker and she talked about the issues facing the industry and here are the takeaways from this event including conversations with ad agency media planners.

5 December 2016,    

Open Blog Opportunity for the Publishing Industry

Masthead has gone through some restructuring and Martin Seto is now the Editor of Masthead in addition to his duties as a Tech blooger and producer of the COPAs.

Masthead which is experiencing all the same challenges as the industry will evolve into a volunteer based community based website and one of the initiatives  planned is to create an open blog opportunity for anybody that wants to write about how Magazine/Newspaper/Publishing can be relevant again in the digital world. At the recent Magazine  Day produced by the Ad Club on Friday, Dec 2 in Toronto the industry needs to compete better and not be stuck in the downward spiral the industry is in and this open blog is a way for the industry to share information and insight. The posting can be 750 -1000 words, plus your photo and has to be positive and inspirational, no trash talk will be released. If you are interested please send us a note to

2 December 2016,    

National Magazine Awards Foundation announces the Call for Entries


The National Magazine Awards Foundation call for entries is now open for 2017. This is the 40th Anniversary of the awards program . Submissions open on December 1, and the deadline for entries is January 20. The early Bird deadline is January 13. This year's National Magazine Awards will feature 25 categories structured to emphasize the unique forms and functions of magazine journalism.Download the the Guide to the National Magazine Awards for more info at this link.  Enter Here 

2 December 2016,    

Newspapers Canada seeks judges for 2017 awards

Newspapers Canada is currently seeking judges for our 2017 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards and Great Idea Awards!

1 December 2016,     TORONTO

Content Marketing Summit 2016 - How to Market to Generation Z (Millennials)

A Content Marketing/Big Data Summit was held on Nov 28-29 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto. This area of publishing as we all know, we need to pay attention to. Here are the key takeaways on the content marketing/ social media strategies being used to market to Generation Z (Millennials) from 3 industry experts. The panelists for this discussion were Rashel Hariri, Digital Social Media Manager, McDonlad’s, Agnes Koc, Marketing Manager, SPC – Student Price Card and Justin Bastedo, Brand Strategy Manager, Canada Buzzfeed

25 November 2016,    

The End of an Era. Rogers Media Sells off some of their iconic B2B Media Brands in November.


As reported in September, Rogers Media had planned to sell off their B2B media brands as they focus in on their consumer titles. These changes to their magazine portfolio according to Rogers were to address the ongoing challenges facing the print media industry. They will focus on consumer brands that are centred on five content pillars: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Parenting, News & Current Affairs, and Sports.  This is a sad time as these brands link back to the Maclean Hunter era of Canadian Publishing and a lot of good people will be looking for work as the industry goes through a consolidation period.  

21 November 2016,     TORONTO

The Magazine Grands Prix Announce Judging Co-Chairs and Guiding Principles for Judging

The Magazine Grands Prix anounced author, commentator and critic Stanley Péan and award-winning writer Soraya Peerbaye as judging co-chairs for the new award and fellowship program that celebrates the diversity of the country’s magazine media.

21 November 2016,     OTTAWA

Canada Periodical Fund – Application Deadline is December 19, 2016

The Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) – Aid to Publishers component provides financial assistance to Canadian print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals.
Using a formula based on eligible copies sold or circulated by verified request over a 12-month period, the Aid to Publishers component provides funding to eligible Canadian publications. Publishers are able to use funding to support the creation of content, production, distribution, online activities or business development.

18 November 2016,     TORONTO

Good Housekeeping Editor Jane Francisco named keynote speaker for The Advertising Club of Toronto’s Magazine Day 2016


The Advertising Club of Toronto has announced Jane Francisco, Editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping, as the keynote speaker for the AdClub’s upcoming Magazine Day 2016 that takes place Friday, December 2, at the Four Seasons Hotel Yorkville in Toronto. Jane Francisco has been in the magazine industry for over 20 years holding key positions as Editor-in-chief of Chatelaine, Style at Home, and Glow magazine. Francisco was appointed Editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping in November 2013.

18 November 2016,    

Google funds a Digital News Initiative in Europe. What about Canada?


Under pressure from the European union for the monopoly they have created in the digital search space, Google is now contributing to the creation of news in Europe through their Digital News Initiative (DNI). The DNI Innovation Fund established in 2015 is an initiative to help create innovation and  new thinking in news. Google has set aside €150 million, over three years, to give news organizations of all sizes the space to try new things.

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