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2 June 2023,     BOSTON
Retired journalists jumping back in
It seems old journalists don’t fade away to seaside enclaves but continue to ply their trade. A recent story in Nieman Reports showcases how many retired, award-winning journalists who spent careers at marquee national outlets are stepping in to fill news voids, particularly at the local community level.

            According to the story, mature journalists “are launching local and regional media outlets or serving on their boards, mentoring young journalists, advocating for press freedoms, and continuing to gather and report information not otherwise being covered. In some cases, they’re returning to their roots in local news, spending their retirements reviving the kinds of local newspapers and news sites that have been particularly hard hit by the consolidation of the industry by big media companies and hedge funds.”

            Many are in their 70s or 80s and share a collective frustration with the decline of the profession in which they spent careers that date back to a time when media organizations were flush with resources and influence.

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