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11 March 2022,     OTTAWA
Public Policy Forum calls for more support of news orgs
The Public Policy Forum has released an updated report, The Shattered Mirror: 5 Years Later, an update to its 2017 report.

            The new release discussed how to save local news in Canada, and how to best adapt the Australian model of compensation between large digital platforms and the news industry. Co-authored by PPF president and former Globe and Mail editor, Edward Greesnspon, the report also analyzes the altered media landscape over the last five years and urges the federal government to continue to support news organizations.


            “We are saddened to see the marketplace continue to move away from financial support for news, yet we are encouraged to see heightened innovation in policy solutions and in the imaginations of a new generation of news entrepreneurs. We urge the government to continue to backstop the vital role of news as business operations thrash around for a solution that ultimately does not lean on public policy,” says the report.

            View the full report on the PPF website.

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