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29 June 2022,     NEW YORK
Cosmo creates cover with AI
Cosmopolitan claims to have created the first artificially intelligent digital cover working with a technology from Open AI called DALL-E2 and digital artist Karen X. Cheng.

            The AI takes verbal requests from users and then, accessing billions of images stored in its databanks, creates images that are entirely new. According to the magazine, if you type “bear playing a violin on a stage,” DALL-E2 will create it, in any style you choose, whether it be in watercolour, or in the style of van Gogh.

            While Cosmo says other titles have experimented with AI, including the Economist, it is the first one to go the whole nine yards.

            The AI technology used by Cosmo is fundamentally designed to imitate us. DALL-E is powered by a neural network, a type of algorithm that mimics the workings of the human brain. It “learns” what objects are and how they relate to each other by analyzing images and their human-written captions.

            Read the full story on the cover creation.

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