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7 February 2024,    
40 years of Macintosh: Revolutionized Publishing
Apple Macintosh revolutionized publishing
Apple Macintosh revolutionized publishing
Marks 40 years since the Apple Macintosh’s release, and the beginning of its transformation of creative and publishing industries around the world. Released in early 1984, it was the first successful desktop computer with a graphical user interface – icons, buttons and menus – and saw the transformation of computer use from an area dominated by developers and code boffins, to a tool that creatives could use to display and edit their visual work.The WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get – feature, which meant, for the first time,
Has become the worlds most valuable company
Has become the worlds most valuable company
the ability to display a page on screen as it would appear in print. The release of the Apple Desktop Publishing System (DTP), made up of Macintosh computer, Aldus PageMaker layout software, Adobe’s PostScript software to communicate with printers, the affordable Apple LaserWriter printer, based on Canon technology with an Adobe RIP, and Linotype outline fonts.A host of other applications ultimately perhaps the most famous example – would subsequently transform the lives of printers and publishers around the world.
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