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9 October 2008,     CALGARY
Alberta: Canada�s publishing hotbed?

Periodical publishing in Canada’s prairie provinces, led by Alberta, has come close to doubling its national market share over the past decade, according to a recent study of periodical publishing in Alberta conducted by Rowland Lorimer and Associates. The study, commissioned by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, puts Alberta’s share of the prairie province revenues around 40% and national share at 4%. “Prairie periodical publishing is now larger than periodical publishing in British Columbia,” Lorimer writes. “Historically, the reverse was the case.”

Lorimer used data from 71 magazines to conduct the study and estimates the total value of Alberta’s magazine industry—about 200 magazines—at $83.4 million. About 829 people are employed by magazines in Alberta.

Controlled-circulation models dominate in Alberta, so the majority of revenue—a whopping 92.7%—comes from advertising. This lack of paid circulation also costs the industry about $2.23 million in federal grants, Lorimer notes.

For more information, contact AMPA director Colleen Seto: director [at] albertamagazines [dot] com.


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