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Column for 10 May 2006, Crown’s new powers can force writers to give up confidential information : An Ontario Court has recently released a decision that clarifies when a journalist may be forced to produce his/her notes of a confidential interview that a police officer believes contains evidence of a crime. This article includes a “Do” list for editors. By Carlos Martins and Adrienne Lee, Bersenas, Jacobsen, Chouest, Thomson, Blackburn LLP (Article, MS Word)
BLG Update on Media Law : Column for 2 February 2006
Awaken the Litigation Within: Tony Robbins Wins a Mixed Victory in the British Columbia Supreme Court: An instructive case for editors dealing with sensational stories, this one involves accusations of “wife stealing,” alleged attempted suicide, breast implants and a finding against the publisher for defamatory statements suggesting the plaintiff was a “hypocrite.” By David Crerar, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Vancouver. Originally published in the MLRC MediaLawLetter December 2005. Republished with permission.
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