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Alan Edmonds. Journalism’s jack of all trades : Magazine writer, editor and broadcaster Alan Edmonds dies at age 71, by Ann Meredith Brown. First published Masthead November/December 2004 issue ©. (Masthead Article, pdf)
Charlie Angus. Charlie’s in the House : Former HighGrader editor now Heritage critic, by William Shields. Profile of NDP MP and former publisher Charlie Angus. First published Masthead March 2005 ©. (Masthead Article, pdf)
Q&A with Cathleen Black : President of Hearst Magazines: The president of one of America’s largest and most illustrious magazine publishing companies tells Masthead how she sees magazines fitting into the hyper-competitive new media landscape… and how they can thrive. She also talks about her own rise to fame. (Masthead feature, pdf)
Q&A with The Economist publisher Paul Rossi : One of the executives behind The Economist’s amazing success explains the secrets behind its recent circulation achievements, and also discusses some of the magazine’s idiosyncrasies. (Masthead Q&A, pdf)  
Q&A with Rob Young, Senior Vice-President, PHD Canada : One of Canada’s most influential media buyers gives his advice on how magazines can stand out in a hyper-fragmented media landscape. He also opines on the future of online ad sales, how magazines can profit from it, and the biggest mistakes that publishers can make. (Masthead article, pdf) Note: The article mistaken says Young works at HYPN. That company changed its name to PHD Canada after HYPN’s merger with Omnicom.(Document, pdf)