Magazine Industry Resource Library
Covers & Logos
Pro logo : Useful tips to help you refresh, not reinvent, your brand, by Ann Meredith Brown. Examples and tips from leading art directors on how to redesign a magazine logo. First published in Masthead May 2005 issue ©. (Masthead Article, pdf)
Cover Tips from a Newsstand Pro : This is a special guide to cover planning and design from Arlene Shepard of Gateway Newstands, who consulted at the Masthead Cover Clinic at Magazines University 2006. It covers effective use of cover lines, using numbers to your advantage, fantasy vs. reality, colour and other key topics. (pdf document)
Taking stock : The new world of stock photography and how to find the image you need: Masthead’s sister magazine Design Edge Canada surveys stock photo usage among Canadian designers, and provides tips and explanations for getting the most out of online stock photo services. (Design Edge Canada article, pdf.)
Canadian Business Redesign : This article from Design Edge Canada (Jan/Feb 2008) is a case study on the Canadian Business magazine redesign. It examines how a contemporary look and robust font inject a refined masculine aesthetic into the established octogenarian business title. By Allen Britnell. (Design Edge Canada article, pdf)
Ramp up to redesign : Designers and editors share their advice on how to execute an effective redesign. First published in Masthead magazine January 2005, by Ann Meredith Brown. (Masthead feature, pdf)
Look Like A Hero : The Art Directors’ Guide to Magazine Print Production. A special 84-page booklet published by Masthead and Magazines Canada, featuring real ink-on-paper examples, how-to information and tips for designers and production managers. (Outside link)
Design by collaboration : Many publishers operate with virtual offices: art director in one office, editor in another, publisher somewhere else, and then of course advertising clients. This article reviews groupware software that allows teams in different locations to collaborate on design projects. (Design Edge Canada column by Bob Atkinson, pdf.)
Adobe CS3 Reviewed : Creative Suite 3 has been hailed as the largest software release in Adobe’s 25-year history. Design Edge Canada columnist Bob Atkinson asks whether CS3 is an evolution or a revolution, and examines how its new features in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver will improve the workday of print and web designers. (Design Edge Canada article, pdf)
Cool Tools for the Creative Mind : Design Tools Survey results: What designers have, what they want, what they need for 2007. This first-ever survey for designers across the country reveals software and hardware trends and also highlights 5 cool tools for 2007. (Design Edge Canada article, pdf)
Go with the [work] flow : If you have six or more design and/or production staff members, you may be a candidate for a production workflow system to streamline your production-to-print systems. In this article, Design Edge Canada columnist Bob Atkinson reviews several systems and how they work. (Design Edge Canada feature, published by permission, pdf)