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Begin Media
Advertising media sales in Eastern Canada Northern USA. Former trade magazine Publisher, 6133609165
Dave Haber
An expert in all aspects of brand strategy with a primary focus on digital marketing and social media, I have a proven track record of successfully developing and managing large marketing programs & budgets for Fortune 1000 brands.

My unique combination of strategic marketing and business savvy, creativity, technical capabilities, analytical approach and passion for innovation make me the right person to help your brand to surpass its digital marketing goals., 5142977572
FIO Consulting Inc.
When it comes to selling, we take the guesswork out and bring the network in.

At FIO, our expertise is in business development.
From sales and marketing strategy to hands-on execution, we know how to deliver directly to your top line. Whether you have an existing sales team that needs coaching, motivating, or restructuring, or whether you seek innovation in your sales approach, or even a whole new team, we can help. Stop guessing and bring in the experts. Together, we’ll figure it out.

Karen Hounjet -
PH: 604-200-0236, ext. 101
Trigarium Media Solutions Inc.
Design... we love it!
It’s the core of our business and it all starts by putting something down on paper or the web.

Leaving your mark is more permanent than most people realize. Trigarium artists can help to develop your concepts into powerful visual tools.

From first concepts to the pages of a magazine, website or brochure, we offer the creative engine to stand out., 416-275-2217
Get SET Marketing Communications Inc.
Ian's MarComm background involves time spent at advertising agencies as well as close to 20 years at Panasonic Canada where Ian was General Manager of Corporate Brand Management responsible for advertising, PR, sponsorship and website activities. Ian is currently involved as a marketing communications consultant helping companies evaluate, activate and leverage their sponsorships in the sports, entertainment and technology sectors., 416 930-7410
DPS Media Inc.
The Advertising Store
Two Crazy Ladies
Gordongroup Marketing + Communications
Y2 Media Group Ltd., 416-400-5430
Prospects Influential, 800-352-2282
DNA Industries
Magazines Canada
HDS Retail
Complete Mailing Service
Trade Press Services
WordSmith Media Inc.
Estimators & Buyers Guide
Carbon Computing
Metroland Media Group Ltd.
Magazine Network Inc.
JAN@MAGNETWORK.COM, 416-538-1584
Ashworth Associates Inc.
ICONIC design
INFO@ICONIC.CA, 705-719-2727
Dovetail Communications
Forge & Spark Media
A Vancouver-based content agency, Forge & Spark Media creates and executes smart, persona-driven content strategy that gets results. We help businesses to thrive by expressing and sharing what makes them great. We work both with businesses to engage customers, and with organizations to boost employee engagement and retention.

Our approach is to produce high-quality, authentic content that expresses what you do and believe in, and to deliver it on strategically selected online channels to connect you with the right people. Your people.
Ward Media Partners Inc.
Makus Design, 204-253-8714
LEBOW has the creativity and brand-building experience to grow your business., 4164550383
Mystique Brand Communications
Mystique Brand Communications help organizations, regardless of size or vertical market, position themselves, build brand awareness, and create thought leadership that engages consumers on multiple levels.
Brand services include:

• Brand strategy
• Brand Positioning
• Name development
• Market research
• Corporate Identity Design
• Website Design and Development
• Integrated Marketing Strategy
• Inbound Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click advertising, Social Media, etc)
• Outbound Marketing (Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Advertising, etc)
• Corporate Collateral

Looking to revitalize your brand or create a new one? Grow your business? Let’s talk.
IMPACT Magazine
Canada's leader in the fitness and sports publishing industry for 24 years, IMPACT Magazine is committed to publishing content provided by the best experts in their fields for those who aspire to higher levels of health, fitness and individual
sport performance.
We celebrate Canadian athletic excellence and inspire readers to forge ahead in their own personal fitness journeys.
IMPACT Magazine publishes 6X annually, and distributes 540,000 copies annually in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.
More information available at
Xciting Ideas 2000 Ltd
Xciting Ideas works with companies and agencies to help fulfil various branding needs and fulfilment requirements. When you looking for an Xciting Idea - Don't Go Nuts . . . Call Us!
First Impressions Media
Proper media planning is what sets the stage for the success of your campaign.

The brilliant creative your team composed is pointless if no-one gets a chance to see it.

Make sure your media choices have substance and strategy. That they reach the target audience in a timely and efficient manner, such that
YOU are who they think of when their time comes for your product or service.

To help get you started, we offer a FREE Media Briefing Template accessible with this link.

You're sending your creative to perform.
First Impressions Media puts them on the right stage
Touchwood Design Inc.
Touchwood makes creatively-driven communications that add value by clarifying and enhancing a brand’s position, getting it extra attention, and connecting emotionally with people for (at least) two simple reasons: they look and feel different than what’s out there, and they deliver an insight, truth or proposition that touches hearts and minds.
Cayenne Creative
Our spicy branding, advertising & graphic design boutique is a blended recipe of passion, creativity and professionalism. We believe in the power of branding and we specialize in designing brand experiences focused on delivering results. We are committed to enabling our clients to realize the full value of the imagination in their marketing and communications; to cut through the constant clutter of information, and to reap the benefits of outstanding design, creative intelligence, and a true brand experience. Our mission is to turn your business into the purple cow of your industry.
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