Looka Builds High-Performing Partnerships Through PartnerStack

Highly respected and trusted companies join Looka’s growing affiliate program

  • PartnerStack offers an ecosystem platform that features partner relationship management (PRM) that supports software companies driving their sales and accelerating their growth through partnerships
  • Looka grew its affiliate program to drive one-third of profits using PartnerStack

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#PartnerStack--Looka Inc., a leading AI-powered graphic design company, accelerates its growth momentum across the company’s affiliate programs through PartnerStack – a top-rated ecosystem platform for SaaS software.

Using PartnerStack, Looka built an automated affiliate program with a tiered reward system that keeps its partners engaged. Looka and the team at PartnerStack rebuilt the company’s affiliate program into a significant profit generator – Looka currently has 10,000+ registered partners and has driven over 33% of the company’s gross profits through its affiliate program.

“Anyone who joins Looka’s affiliate program is given ample collateral, copy assets, guides, and helpful resources, to assist partners to succeed in the onboarding and sales process with Looka,” said Matthew Sison, Growth Manager at Looka. “In addition, we consistently carry out pulse check surveys that we routinely monitor. This creates a periodic dialogue with our partners and enables us to adapt and adjust our services for optimal partner success.”

Inspired by PartnerStack’s channel platform, Looka’s marketplace creates an ecosystem with its own growth loop. Looka’s users are offered exclusive value from its select partners (including trusted brands such as Xero and Microsoft), therefore growing the demand side and word-of-mouth from Looka users – a win-win-win for Looka, Looka’s customers, and Looka’s partners.

“At Looka, we’re committed to developing an advanced global partner ecosystem and have made significant improvements to drive value for our partners and fuel Looka’s growth and expansion globally,” said Dawson Whitfield, CEO & Founder Looka Inc.

“The success that Looka has seen so far with their affiliate program is a testament to the amazing work that the team at Looka has done since the launch of their program on PartnerStack. We look forward to continuing to work with the team to support the development of the company’s global partner ecosystem through our ecosystem platform and exclusive partner network,” said Andrew Kim, Director of Network Growth at PartnerStack.

Looka’s Partner Marketplace features exclusive offers from select partners. These services assist customers, entrepreneurs and small business owners in growing their businesses. The company aims to add more partners to its program this year. Learn more and join Looka’s affiliate program.

About Looka Inc.:

Looka is an AI-powered logo maker that provides business owners with a quick and affordable way to create a beautiful brand. Since launching as Logojoy in 2016, the company has served over nine and a half million people in 188 countries. Looka provides businesses with logos, social media assets, business card designs, and websites. Learn more at www.looka.com.

About PartnerStack:

PartnerStack is the only platform to recruit, engage, and scale your entire ecosystem of partners — from affiliates to referral and reseller partners — so you can grow your brand, sell to more customers, and earn more revenue on every dollar you spend. Learn more at www.partnerstack.com.



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