Friday, May 10, 2013
Canadian Yachting Celebrates Summer

Canadian Yachting’s June issue(s) both have a way of evoking the lifestyle that many of us can only dream about.

Art director Petra Dueck agrees. “After all” she said, “if a cover doesn’t tell a story, then it is just a catalogue.”

She went on to say, “The two covers this issue are all about the feeling of boating. With summer sitting on the doorstep, the June issues of CY are about getting back on the water, enjoying the weather, and having some fun. We started off with some fantastic photo options expressing this feeling and the theme of “Entertaining Onboard." After some debate we decided to go with these two images as they invoked the joy of boating in summer and how closely they represented the theme and stories in the books. The cover lines were crafted to emphasize this feeling as well as to inform readers of the benefits. From the adventurous explorer spirit the west version brings, to the summer social spirit the east version does, these covers have summer covered.”

The Eastern cover is my personal favourite ever produced by Canadian Yachting. Sunset images are so difficult to work with, but Dueck has created a masterpiece. In my view, the subtle shading to help pop out the supporting sell lines almost disappears into the waves and clouds. The strong type treatment is bold yet elegant. The diagonally set “interrupter” in the upper left corner is like a sail tilting in the wind. The cover is warm and harkens us back to port for a Grey Goose martini, after a satisfying day on the water.

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On the other hand, the Western cover totally captures the spirit of the BC coastal waters and rugged terrain. The type treatment is also bold and deftly handled. And the eye travels comfortably from the main sell line (great benefits promised) to the supporting hooks. The question is, is she alone, or is a special someone making lunch and opening a fine bottle of BC wine back on board ship?

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- Scott Bullock
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