Monday, April 22, 2013
Bluenose Reborn
The Jun/Jul 2013 issue of Canada’s History is set to hit newsstands May 27th, 2013. Here’s what Mark Reid, editor, has to say about the issue:

"The Bluenose was the greatest racing schooner to ever sail the waves. Fast, graceful, she took on all comers — and outran them all. To Canadians mired in the Great Depression, Bluenose offered a spark of hope. Gathering around their transistor radios, they thrilled to her exploits as time and time again she defeated her American rivals.

After the original Bluenose sank in the Caribbean, Nova Scotia built Bluenose II. The ship proudly represented Canada for decades. But when rot was recently discovered in the beautiful schooner, many feared it would lead to her ruin. Thankfully, a massive restoration effort has saved Bluenose II. This June, she will once again be sailing as Canada’s cultural ambassador — a reminder of a different age, a time when men of iron sailed ships of hard timber and helped shape a nation.

The legend of Bluenose and Blunose II lives on, and you can learn more in the June-July 2013 issue of Canada’s History magazine."

Canada’s History (aka The Beaver) has had much success with covers featuring ships over the years:

  • Apr 2012…Set all time sales record. Still holds record for best in this time slot. Sold 36% better than the rest in 2012
  • Dec 2006…Set all time sales record. Sold 96% better than the rest in 2006. Won Gold at Canadian Newsstand Awards
  • Dec 2004…Best seller that year. Sold 48% better than the rest in 2004
  • Dec 2003…Best seller that year. Sold 48% better than the rest in 2003
  • Jun 2009…2nd best ever for this time slot. Sold 13% better than the rest in 2009
  • Jun 1996…Best seller of 1996. Sold 15% better than the rest in 1996

- Scott Bullock
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