Friday, October 26, 2012
CY’s Ad sales up 57%…Newsstand up 300%

The December 2012 issue of Canadian Yachting is set to hit newsstands November 19th, 2012.

The Art Director, Petra Dueck, had this to say about the cover:

“I’m quite happy with this issue’s cover, and I do think we successfully communicated our theme: “Electronics 2012 – State of Art”. We planned and shot a custom photo which is on theme, on brand (conveying a lifestyle feel), and tells a story. It is easy to default to a catalog looking image of electronics but we managed to avoid this and stay editorial! Our attention is drawn to the electronics in the photo through the graphic design and the main coverline is unmistakable compared to the rest and communicates the theme clearly in one word, in one glance.”

The magazine publishes a West coast edition plus their classic Regular edition. 

“Ad sales in 2012 are up 57% year over year, say’s John Kerr, CEO.  “This has resulted in book sizes that are larger, which gives readers a bigger and better reading experience. We listened to our subscribers who told us they still love print and want the escape from their computers while living on board and we have been selling it hard. The re-investment in perfect binding and issue size is paying dividends across the board.”

Canadian Yachting has been on a roll in 2012. It’s the only title in its category showing single copy sales increases in the first half of the year, on issues that are sales final. 

  • The Feb 2012 issue up 177%
  • The Apr 2012 issue up 315%
  • The June 2012 issue up 545%

Upgraded binding + better cover and interior stock = selling more ads = selling more single copies.

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- Scott Bullock
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