Thursday, September 13, 2012
House & Home posts big gains in Digital
According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) statistics just released for the Jan-Jun 2012 period, Canadian House & Home posted an increase of 4,889 digital subscriptions… a whopping 213% improvement from the same period in 2011.  The total average digital subscriptions reported was 7,184 compared to 2,295 last year. 

Canadian House & Home also posted an increase of 455 digital single copies sold… a 163% improvement… to 734, compared to an average of 279 last year at this time.

While the percentage increase in digital subscriptions is indeed impressive, they represent just 4.2% of the paid subscriptions reported sold.  On the other hand, the print version of the magazine sold 163,084 or 95.8% of the total average paid subscriptions. 

As for single copy sales, digital represents an average of 1%, while the print version sold 73,432 per issue on average, or 99% of the total single copies sales reported to ABC.

Overall, digital subscriptions and single copy sales accounted for 3.2% of the total paid circulation reported by CH&H, while the printed version accounted for 96.8% of the total paid circulation reported.

Canadian Living reported an averge of 676 digital subscriptions for the Jan-Jun 2012 period… up from none last year.  Paid printed subscriptions averaged 380,632. Therefore, digital subscriptions represented .2%, while the print edition represented 99.8% of paid subs. 

Canadian Living posted an average of 95 digital single copies, up from none last year. Paid printed single copies averaged 123,114. Therefore, digital singles represented .1%, while the print version reprsented 99.9% of paid single copies.  Overall, digital accounted for .2% of the total average paid circulation, while the printed edition accounted for 99.8%.

The Hockey News posted an average of 1,318 digital subscriptions for the Jan-Jun 2012 period, up 360% from the same period last year, when they posted 286 digital subscriptions. Digital subscriptions represent 1.4% of the total paid subscriptions, while print represents an average of 91,295 or 98.6% of the total paid subs. No digital single copy sales were reported compared to an average of 11,229 printed editions sold.

Toronto Life reported an average of 386 digital subscriptions for the Jan-Jun 2012 period, up from none a year ago.  Digital subscriptions accounted for .6% of the total paid subscriptons reported, compared to an average of 60,477 who paid to receive it in print, or 99.4% of the total. As for digital single copies sold, Toronto Life reported an average sale of 13, compared to 9,024 who paid for the print version, or .1% bought it digitally while 99.9% bought the print version.

Top English Language Canadian Magazines not reporting any digital subscriptions or single copies include:

  • Chatelaine
  • Style at Home
  • Flare
  • Canadian Gardening
- Scott Bullock
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