Thursday, August 23, 2012
MARC Report…Check the Video
At the recent 8th Annual PBAA Canada event, Anita Baldwinson, Manager, Retail Services, for the NewsGroup, and Ray Argyle, on behalf of the PMC, presented their findings from a research project on the importance of magazines to Canadian consumers.  Here’s part of what Anita and Ray shared with the audience:

“With so much media attention on tablets and digital versions of magazines (and books), especially in the last year, it is no wonder that even those in the industry, Retailers, Wholesalers, National Distributors and Publishers, have wondered, is print on its way out?”

“It is this question that sparked questions and conversation at the PBAA Canadian industry conference, a year ago, in 2011. Questions such as: Is magazine readership going digital? Do young people even read magazines? And why do retailers keep cutting magazine space if the category is so profitable?”

“While no one could provide truly definitive answers at the time, what was decided was a that there was a pressing need for the industry to better understand how consumers were wanting to consume magazines and what mind-share digital actually did have. So, the industry came together to sponsor the MARC–Magazines at Retail Canada–project. One year later, we now have answers, along with a package that the industry can use to talk to retailers and feel confident of the viability of print. Like radio continued to exist after the advent of television, so too will print continue to exist and even thrive.”

The MARC project campaign has several vehicles for industry use, which can be found at

The video on the site (Readers Love Magazines: A Canadian Survey near top) is well worth a look.

Industry sponsors: Benjamin News, Coast to Coast Newsstand Services, IPDA, Metro News, News West, PBAA, PMC, Rodale, Rogers Publishing, Sudbury News, TC Media, The News Group, The Monahan Agency and Time Warner Retail Services & Marketing are generally very pleased with the outcome of the study conducted by Leger Marketing and feel this multi-million dollar industry in Canada will continue to provide revenue and profits to the industry that relies on print sales.

- Scott Bullock
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