Friday, October 28, 2011
Azure reports strong digital sales
Azure magazine’s ( Melony Ward reports that sales of their digital single copy and subscription offerings are quite robust.

“We’ve been part of the Zinio program offered by Magazines Canada since April of 2010, or 18 months thus far, and we are extremely pleased by the results, ” says Melony Ward, Executive Publisher.

Azure has sold 1,457 digital single copies, or 81 per month, since launching the offering.  Sales continue to grow, with the Jul/Aug issue selling 207 units compared to 121 in the same time slot last year, for a 71% increase.  The Jan/Feb 2011 issue sold 221 copies, up from 63, for a 250% increase. Year to date in 2011, digital single copy sales are up 40%.

“Given the high demographic quality of Azure’s audience, we are not really surprised. Our readers are highly educated, affluent, design savvy, forward thinkers, so they are naturally curious about new technology, ” says Ward.

On the subscription side, Azure has sold 1,061 digital subscriptions thus far, or 59 per month. In July of 2010 they sold 92 but in 2011 sold 159 for a 73% improvement. Year to date (Jan–Sep), Azure has sold 613 digital subs compared to 239 last year, for a 156% improvement.

Azure’s paid circulation, (CCAB audited) averages 13,741.

Azure’s digital single copies sell for $5.95

Azure’s digital subscriptions sell for $25.95

Compared to other mass market titles who reported digital on their audit statements, Azure’s performance is astounding relative to their overall circulation level…in fact it is better than almost every other magazine in Canada (See stats by clicking here)

It should also be noted that Azure’s single copy sales on the regular print edition are up 8% for the first half of 2011. The industry average is forecast to be down 10% for all english language magazines in Canada.

- Scott Bullock
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