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Content Marketing Part 1 - The Agency
Why do Brands take the easy way out when telling their stories?
Brands took to storytelling like the caveman to fire. Suddenly, every brand had to have a story. But then, how many articulate this ‘story’ convincingly? Life was simpler when you just paid someone to string a bunch of words that didn’t offend anyone and called it the brand mission and vision. 
But telling a story, whether it involves a brand or not, is not easy. For starters, youhave to tap into certain established human traits as part of the brand personality and stick to it. Or you’ll be changing the personality and plot lines every time there’s a shuffle in the C-suite. Afterall, stories and storytellers have been around for as long as there were people around fires. Today, people huddle around the cold light of screens that now fire our dreams and our dreads. And that’s where stories, branded or not, are told.
There are very few brands that have a clear storyline. Brands like Nike and Patagonia come to mind as ones that have mastered the art of telling their stories across all channels they’re present in, including their websites.
The website is the Anchor for all the content
Since websites are de rigueur for any business, leveraging them to tell a brand’s story is an obvious starting point. The best way to demonstrate a brand’s personality is to design the brand experience into the website. Since a brand’s website is owned-media, the brand owners have the full freedom to leverage this immensely valuable asset. Sadly, many brands take the easy way out and readily use available templates to build out their site. As you can imagine, with this decision, the brand experience or story is the first casualty.
A brand website is the starting point (if e-commerce is part of the customer journey) and the end point as well. If brand owners have a clear vision of the brand experience then designing the user experience around that is the best way to stay true to the brand story.
Today most agencies are more than capable of building such brand centric sites. That is, if the brand owners don’t start out by thinking they can do everything themselves.

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