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December 2000
December 22, 2000
Ex-Shift editor to grow consultancy
TORONTO—Laas Turnbull says he needs time to recharge his batteries after the exhausting experience keeping Shift afloat throughout the summer and into this fall until a buyer was found. After Christmas, he’ll turn his attention to Noise Inc., a consultancy he established in 1997. “I think I need bit of time to reset and refocus,” he said earlier this month. New Shift owner Multi-Vision Publishing, which acquired Shift on Dec. 6, hinted that it will retain Turnbull’s services until his replacement is found, preferably by mid-January.

December 21, 2000
Magazine in need of association
CALGARY—Near, an over-sized, perfect-bound quarterly with the tag line “the magazine of wireless location,” is owned by Calgary’s Cell-Loc Inc., a manufacturer of wireless locator devices. Spokeswoman Tammy Yamkowy says the company created Near to fill a void. “It wasn’t a cheap venture,” she said, commenting on the title’s high production values. Cell-Loc hopes the magazine will be adopted by the newly formed Wireless Location Industry Association (WLIA) as its house organ. Cell-Loc is a founding member of the WLIA.

December 20, 2000
Elm Street terminates contract with printer
TORONTO—Competitive friction prompted Elm Street to take its printing needs elsewhere, says owner Greg MacNeil, CEO of Multi-Vision Publishing. Transcontinental Printing’s RBW Graphics in Owen Sound, Ont., printed the glossy women’s title since its launch in 1996. When Transcontinental’s publishing arm purchased 11 consumer magazine from Telemedia Communications last March, a new dynamic emerged.
“Transcontinental did a fabulous job of printing our magazine from day one—until they became our biggest competitor,” MacNeil said during an interview earlier this month. “And we know that [Transcontinental’s] publishing arm talks about wanting to kill all its competition, particularly us.” RBW Graphics general manager Brian Reid said today there were “no delays or production problems that I’m aware of.” Both Elm Street and sister title Owl Canadian Family are now printed by St. Joseph Printing of Concord, Ont.

December 19, 2000
Mag fund a magnet for money seekers
OTTAWA—More than 500 Canadian magazines have applied for a piece of the $25-million editorial component of the federal government’s Canada Magazine Fund (CMF). The Department of Canadian Heritage’s Chris McDermott said cheques will begin arriving as soon as late March, adding that 515 publishers had submitted funding requests by the Oct. 27 deadline. Starting in 2001, the CMF will distribute $50 million annually for three years in an attempt to strengthen Canadian magazines which must now compete with foreign titles for domestic advertising revenue.

December 18, 2000
Maclean’s searching near and wide for new editor
TORONTO—Recruiter Caldwell Partners has been retained to find Robert Lewis’ successor as editor-in-chief of Maclean’s. The next editor of Canada’s weekly newsmagazine will “almost certainly be a Canadian,” said publisher Paul Jones during a late-November interview. Jones added that finding the best candidate is too large a task to be handled internally. “What the hell do I know about a Canadian working in Hong Kong?” he said, implying the search will indeed be far-reaching.

Gossips maintain that Maclean’s editor-at-large Anthony Wilson-Smith is a cinch for the job, and when asked if he might be the new editor, Wilson-Smith replied, “Could be.” Toronto Life editor John Macfarlane is also rumoured to covet the post, but he declined to comment. According to Jones, the gossips are not to be relied upon. “Any rumours you hear about lists of candidates is false,” he said, adding that the only people who know for sure are the recruiting firm and Rogers’ senior management. Expect an announcement late January or early February, Jones said.

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