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6 June 2017,    
Winners of the 40th National Magazine Awards

The 40th National Magazine Awards were held on May 25 in Toronto to recoginize work done in 2016  The big winners were L’actualité with 3 Gold, the Walrus with 2 gold and 4 silver. and Nouveau project with 2 gold. The winner of the Magazine of the year was Cottage Life. Penny Caldwell, publisher and vice-president of Cottage Life Media, was presented with the 2017 Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement, the highest individual 5 honour in the Canadian magazine industry. The full list of winners are available at this link





“With a clear and creative editorial strategy that is loyal to their brand, audience, and business, Cottage Life continues to diversify its mandate, grow its readership, and excel at publishing. The magazine’s tone is perfectly playful, its stories educate and delight, and its story packaging is alluring. Cottage Life has demonstrated creativity and excellence in evolving its brand through events, shows, and multimedia—reinventing itself again and again. And throughout its evolution, the magazine itself remains fresh and fascinating.” —The National Magazine Awards Jury





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