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7 November 2017,     LONDON
KODACHROME launched by Eastman Kodak
A magazine about analog renaissance
A magazine about the  analog renaissance
Kodachrome is a new magazine designed to tell the story of the analog renaissance and to showcase the place of craft and analog technologies in contemporary culture. KODACHROME magazine highlights the worlds of cinematography, photography, vinyl records, publishing and more, telling a broad mix of stories inspired by the craft revival – while also considering the harmonious balance with digital technologies like 3D printing and CGI.
Written with the help of the Stranger Collective, a UK-based content creation agency, KODACHROME puts a unique spotlight on subjects like concert posters, matchbook art and, of course, the medium of film. Printed with Kodak technology, the quarterly magazine is a colorful, artistic love letter to all things analog.
Joshua Coon, Director of Content Marketing and Campaign Activation for Eastman Kodak, says the analog revival is alive and well, and KODACHROME is the perfect place to tell its stories.
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