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8 September 2014,     QUÉBEC
Curium magazine launches in Québec
The September/October issue of Curium magazine
BLD Publications has launched Curium, a new French-language magazine for 14-17 year olds interested in topics like science, sports, technology, the environment, social issues, ethics and the role of youth in society.

Why the name Curium? “Because it’s close to curious,” Editor Félix Maltais said. “And because it is the name of an element in the periodic table (no 98) named after the famous scientists, Marie and Pierre Curie.”

The September/October issue, is out now and is available online for free. 46,000 copies of the first issue were printed, with 26,000 going to high schools for students. There will be a total of 11 issues per year.

The magazine is sold mostly in Québec and in French speaking areas of Ontario and New Brunswick, however subscriptions are available for all Canadians. Curium is financially supported by Québec’s NovaScience program, which aims to develop and promote a greater understanding of science and technology amongst the younger generation.
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