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4 June 2008,     TORONTO
Quoted at Mags U

After two days of sessions, seminars, keynotes and networking at this year’s Magazines University conference, our team of reporters has returned to the office with notebooks full of tips, tools and ideas on everything from custom publishing to cover lines. You’ll get a chance to take a peak inside those notebooks in our annual Mags U Review, which will appear in the July/August issue of Masthead. For now, here's a collection of the most intriguing quotes I collected over the past two days.  

“No one in b-to-b is getting rich selling banner ads."—David Newcorn, vice president of e-media, Summit Publishing

"Selling print pages is easy. Selling e-media is not. There’s a lot more handholding you have to do with clients in e-media.”—Tony Silber, editor and publisher, FOLIO:

“The quicker you let go of the old cheese, the quicker you can enjoy the new cheese.”—Peter Legge, CEO and chairman, Canada Wide Media

“The battle over copyright is lost. It’s not about owning information anymore.”—Bill Dunphy, manager of WebU, Metroland West Media Group

“Sending people away is actually really good business. If you do a good job of it, people keep coming back.”—Scott Karp, editor and publisher, Publishing 2.0

“There’s a market for vanity publishing in custom publishing. Just know that sustainability is an issue. You’re making margins, so why not?”—Eric Schneider, president and CEO, Redwood Custom Communications

“Budgeting should be one of the most interesting and creative things you do each year.” —Greg Keilty, publisher, SkyNews

“Surprisingly, the rise of the Internet has increased the value of face-to-face events.”—Tony Silber

“It’s a relief to be talking about print.”
—Michael Gold, principal, West Gold Editorial

— Marco Ursi
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